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Please note: there is no substitute for an on water kayak lesson. Before paddling on Lake Superior, if you have not already, seek out instruction from a qualified instructor, outfitter, local paddling club etc.

American Canoe Association (ACA) instructors & Courses:

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American Canoe Association and US Coast Guard safety videos for sea kayakers providing essential safety information for those paddling on Lake Superior.

Decide to Return: A Strategy for Safe Sea Kayaking

A Guide to Paddling - Coastal / Sea Kayaking

It’s Your Turn - A Defensive Boating Primer

Life Jackets Float. Do You?

SmartStart for Paddlers - A Paddlesport Safety Orientation

Rip current safety on the Great Lakes for paddlers and swimmers from After cold water, which Lake Superior has year round, rip currents are the greatest danger & killer of the unprepared.

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